From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#128, 29 September 2008

During times of economic uncertainty you have a distinct advantage if you're self-employed. First and foremost, you won't lose your job. Second, even if you experience a slowdown, you'll still have some money coming in, and this will buy you the time to make changes, if necessary. Speaking of which - if you're self-employed, you'll have total control over making those changes.

If you're a self-employed bookseller, there are more potential advantages. One of the most recession-proof aspects of this business is collectibles. Collectible books, in fact, may do even better during slowdowns because investors are looking for safer investments. If you aren't already buying and selling collectible books, now would be a good time to start moving in that direction. Of course, there's more to it than simply making a decision to. It also takes know-how, both the ability to locate collectible books, identify them as collectible, purchase them at prices which will provide the opportunity for profit and, most importantly, market them so as to maximize outcomes.

From day one, September 1, 2003, our mission at BookThink has been to provide the resources necessary to help you build this bookselling know-how. To this end we've published and will continue to publish three specific resources - the BookThinker, BookThink's Gold Edition, and QMR (BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books). Effective October 1, however, there will be an important change:

New subscriptions and renewals to both the Gold Edition and QMR will no longer be accepted. All current subscriptions will be honored for their duration. To clarify - you may purchase a new subscription or renew an existing subscription until the deadline. You may also piggyback a subscription that doesn't expire until after the deadline, and we'll advance it an additional year. Rest assured, there are no changes contemplated regarding the issue frequency of either newsletter. QMRs will continue to be issued quarterly, Gold Editions monthly. Beginning October 1, current issues will be available for purchase as they appear, and of course back issues, special offers, and back issues packages will remain available as well.

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Today's issue of the BookThinker features seven articles:

  1. An interview with bestselling author Nevada Barr.
  2. eBay changes to fixed-price items.
  3. Buying and selling 19th- century magazines.
  4. The continuing importance of book fairs.
  5. Grammar for booksellers.
  6. Selling on Barnes & Noble and other alternate venues.
  7. BookFinder's most sought after books linked to Amazon Marketplace.

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