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Non-Fiction Top 10
July 2008

#1 $12,100.00 Alcoholics Anonymous First Edition, First Printing 1939
#2 $8,600.00 Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book 1st Edition 1st Printing
#3 $5,800.00 Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book 2nd Printing 1941
#4 $3,650.00 Alcoholics Anonymous Red 1st edition 2 printing
#5 $3,416.88 Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book - 4th Printing, 1943
#7 $2,950.00 Jeff Koons [SIGNED] (Hardcover) TASCHEN BRAND NEW
#8 $2,750.00 Alcoholics Anonymous FIRST EDITION Fifth Prt Baby Blue
#9 $2,247.00 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Ed. 6th Prt. w/repro/dj <VG++
#10 $2,010.00 Rare First Edition 3rd Printing Alcoholics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous

Atop the non-fiction top 10 at $12,100, this 1st edition, 1st printing 1939 copy of Alcoholics Anonymous is 1 of 4730. Sold with the original dust jacket, the book is described as a gift "to an AA member with 38 years sobriety by one of the original 100 members." The US seller described one flaw - "one mark on top of dust cover." It sold after 5 bids.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The US seller described this 1st edition book as in fair condition with a reproduction dust jacket. "It was signed by Clarence H Snyder, one of the 1st one hundred." After 24 bids, it sold for $8,600. The seller also sold #3 and #5.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Listing a 2nd printing 1941, the seller of #2 and #5 graded it as in good condition with an original dust jacket in poor condition. It was signed by Clarence H Snyder. After 14 bids, it sold for $5,800.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A red 1st edition 2nd printing was listed by another US seller, who called it "Rarest of rare red cover with lazar jacket." The seller added, "The jacket appears authentic. However upon closer inspection it is my opinion that it is a nearly perfect copy of an original 2nd printing dust jacket." The auction received 6 bids and closed at $3,650.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The seller of #2 and #3 hit the jackpot with #5 as well. This, a 4th printing 1943 1st edition came with the original dust jacket. The book is described as good condition in a poor condition dust jacket.

Long Walk to Freedom
Nelson Mandela

A UK seller's listing came in at #6 and sold on a single bid. The signed goatskin-bound limited edition is #266 of 425.

Jeff Koons
Hans Werner Holzwarth, Ed.

Sold as a BIN, the 2008 Taschen publication was still sealed in its original double box.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A 1st edition 5th printing in baby blue came in at #8. It was a very good hardcover in a reproduction dust jacket, 1 of 5,000 copies.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The 1st edition 6th printing in very good condition with a reproduction dust jacket sold after 15 bids.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A 1st edition 3rd printing 1942 is described as in very good condition and lacking a dust jacket.

By the Numbers

15 sellers were from the USA
3 sellers were from the UK
3 sellers were from Australia
2 sellers each sold 2 books
1 seller sold 3 books.
11 books were published during or after 1950
10 were published before 1950
sold as BIN
3 sold as a Best Offer
1 to 33 to was the range of bids
Seller feedback ranged from 51 to 6615.*
12 books were sold by sellers with 100% positive feedback
Feedback ranged from 98 to 100 for sellers who had feedback
The oldest book was published in 1902.

*feedback is noted at the time the auction is viewed by BookThink.


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