From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#127, 25 August 2008

Today's BookThinker kicks off the fall bookselling season with seven new articles:

  1. Prof. Booknoodle: Professor Booknoodle's Scrapbook, The Grab and the Gloat: Giving Purpose to One's Gloat
  2. Michele Behan: Buying and Selling Ephemera, Buying and Selling Vintage (and Not So Vintage) Magazines, Part I: Collectible Covers
  3. Craig Stark Selling on eBay, The Impact of on eBay Bookselling
  4. Michael Brook: A Bookseller's Guide to Textbooks, Part I, Edition, Condition, Grading, Listing and Pricing
  5. Chris Lowenstein: The Accidental Antiquarian, Bookseller Catalogues, Part II
  6. Reesa Turner: Selling on Alternate Venues, Selling on eCrater: Part II
  7. Earthmom: Selling on Amazon, The Price is Right

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