Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#126, 11 August 2008

Two more changes to announce today. First, item numbers in Pamela Palmer's Top 10 on eBay will now be included with her articles - that is, it will no longer be necessary to subscribe to our separate newsletter. Better yet, you'll be able to click the item numbers and be sent immediately to their respective listings on eBay.

Speaking of Top 10 on eBay, the June lists are here today. Pam elaborates: "Fortune favored the UK and France in June. Sellers from the two countries made a strong showing, garnering 4 spots in the fiction top 10 and 5 in the non-fiction group. One UK seller did especially well, selling 2 James Bond novels. It was a good month for books published during or after 1950. In fact, the #1 fiction work dated from 2008. The book, Devil May Care in the Penguin Bentley Bond series, gave the sleuth 3 appearances on the list. Will July bring more European Union countries to the top 10?"

Another change: Effective October 1, 2008, new subscriptions and renewals to both QMR and the Gold Edition will no longer be accepted. All current subscriptions will be honored for their duration. To clarify - you may purchase a new subscription or renew an existing subscription until the deadline. You may also piggyback a subscription that doesn't expire until after the deadline, and we'll advance it an additional year. Rest assured, there are no changes contemplated regarding the issue frequency of either newsletter. QMRs will continue to be issued quarterly, Gold Editions monthly. Beginning October 1, current issues will be available for purchase as they appear, and of course back issues, special offers, and back issues packages will remain available as well.

Reasons for this change are several, but administrative demands and new marketing strategies (including publishing for Amazon's Kindle) are at the top of the list. Also, since Gold Edition topics especially (and to some extent QMR clustered title selections) are varied at times, this will give booksellers an ability to cherry pick issues that will be applicable to their businesses and not throw money at those that aren't.

Finally, stay tuned for our special bookselling season kickoff issue of the BookThinker. Delivery will begin Sunday evening, August 24, and the entire newsletter will also appear on the website. Article topics will include selling textbooks, producing a bookseller's print catalog, selling on eCrater, the impact of buy.com on eBay sales, buying and selling vintage magazines, pricing books on Amazon, a report on FlatSigned CEO Tim Miller's Imus lawsuit - and don't be surprised if a grumpy professor stops by too!

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