by Craig Stark

#125, 14 July 2008

Big Money in Money Books
Part 1: The Classics

Investment books show us how to make money. Or attempt to. Most of them, unfortunately, either don't deliver on this promise or, at some point in time, stop delivering. Some actually do get the job done, however, and a few continue to do so over time, sometimes for decades. Like many other bookselling niches, investment books are most likely to have resale value when significant - in this case money-producing - content is present. Some titles are collected as well, but these may not or may not need to meet content value criteria.

Part I of this 3-part series will focus on stock market investment books that have stood the test of time and maintain significant resale value - the classics. Part II will take on more recent stock market publications that are most likely to be profitable for you, and Part III will concentrate on other investment publications, with an emphasis on real estate. New or old, investment books are one of the hottest, most profitable niches in bookselling. If you're a generalist bookseller and haven't been exploiting this market, it's high time to get on board.

Stock Market Investment Legends: Dead Gurus

For booksellers, there are five key names to remember in this category. Each of the below listed gurus penned multiple books (and/or wrote numerous articles) that almost invariably have good resale value, often much better than good. Magazines that contain their articles often do very well too. In almost all cases books written by the fantastic five have ho-hum appearances - that is, if you aren't familiar with them going in, it's likely you'd give them a miss. Also, with few exceptions, first editions and early printings do best.

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