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Frankly, I was appalled. In the past months, actually years, of alarming fee increases, feedback changes, product (in)visibility, PayPal fiascos, search manipulations in core and with Stores, and the inability for their developers to K.I.S.S. there on eBay, I had just flat out had it with the bulk of the eBay conglomerate. I began to actively seek more free-to-list venues beyond those which I had already bookmarked, or currently use. It seemed that everywhere I turned when perusing my favorite internet book selling haunts, another positive assessment of eCrater would appear. In March of 2008 I read Greg Holden's article on AuctionBytes

And decided to take another look at eCrater. The exceptional growth figures of the site - the first week in February 2008 there was a 213% increase in registrations - coupled with the creation of many improved listing features were also enticements. Realizing that I would have to do more work to get started here, I felt that compensation for my efforts would come from not being charged any fees whatsoever by the eCrater site to list, or even after I sell. eCrater's partnership with Google and the integration of Google Checkout, plus the many success stories I have followed on several forums were the proverbial icing on the cake, so I followed the lead of a large eBay seller exodus to the moon.

My solemn duty to you for now will be to help those of you inclined to find your way into building your own personal storefront at eCrater, and beyond. My own trials and tribulations, failures or success will be fodder for your water cooler chats and forum raves or ridicule. All comments are welcome, and subtle mockery is encouraged. I do not mind constructive criticism, or even the occasional "I told you so." I hope we can all learn to be more productive sellers through this endeavor. If you wish to have me investigate a particular venue, drop me a line, and I'll work on learning the details for you, as time permits.

Next week: To the Moon!