Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#122, 9 June 2008

From time to time I receive requests from potential subscribers for sample issues of the Gold Edition or QMR. Understandably, they'd like some sort of idea what they'll be spending their money on in advance of spending it - in fact, this was the primary reason we launched the "QMR Book of the Week" series - to showcase actual examples that appear in QMR. Since the series has been well received, we've decided to launch a companion Gold Edition series - "Gold Edition Quotation of the Week." This will consist of a short excerpt either from a current or back issue of the Gold Edition and perhaps give some of you a better idea of the topics that we address. Please note that you will not receive either of these articles unless you are subscribed to the email version of the BookThinker. They will not be published on the website. Subscriptions are free; subscribe here.

Next, I'm pleased to welcome a new writer this week. Former Amazon columnist Steve Weber has decided to focus his activities on a publishing venture and will no longer be contributing to BookThink. A lady many of you will recognize as earthmom22 on the Amazon forums will be taking his place, and what better topic to start with than a guide to not getting kicked off Amazon. Underperforming Amazon sellers, it seems, are getting axed with an alarming frequency of late, but rest assured there are specific things you can do to all but ensure that you won't be one of them.

Also today - and this is aimed primarily at beginning booksellers - if you haven't been building enhanced value into your book descriptions on a regular basis, I strongly urge that you start. Today's article suggests some quick and simple techniques for doing this.

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