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by Craig Stark

#121, 26 May 2008

So - how many hours did you put in last month or so on bookselling research? The last year? If few or none, frankly, I don't like your chances of long-term success. You may enjoy a few scores here and there, but without some serious knowledge to move forward with, it's going to be tougher and tougher for you to find good inventory, not to mention and tougher and tougher to sell what you do find. Competition, in case you hadn't noticed, has only intensified recently, but the good news is that only a small percentage of booksellers ever bother themselves with research. This, therefore, is a great opportunity to shine. If you're new to this and an idea or two on how to approach market research efficiently and productively, read today's first article.

After an absence of too many months to suit us, BookThink's Media Editor Catherine Petruccione returns today with an interview with a rising star in both the true crime and crime fiction genres, Pulitzer Prize nominee Caitlin Rother. Interestingly, Rother chose a more traditional path to book publishing: She served an apprenticeship in the newspaper biz. I think you'll find her insights into writing (specifically the interplay of the three types of writing she's mastered) intriguing.

Finally, we announced the start of a new special several weeks ago - all back issues of the Gold Edition, 50/50 and QMR for a recession-friendly price of $99.99 (ordinarily $149.99). At the time, due to one of us being out of action, we weren't able to install an associated banner on the website or edit the purchasing mechanism in BookThink's Store to reflect the sale price. Instead there was the awkward setup of you paying full price up front and being refunded $50. Consequently, we've decided to re-launch the special starting this evening, May 25, and extend it to June 25. You can now make this purchase at the quoted price by clicking the sale banner on most of BookThink's pages (instead of waiting for a partial refund), by visiting our Store, or by clicking the following link.

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