From The Editor

by Craig Stark

#119, 21 April 2008

Something different for you this week. Many, maybe most of us booksellers aren't exclusively booksellers. We also sell ephemera, CDs and more - all easy to do because we often find these items in the same venues we find books in, we're already set up to store and ship them when they sell and, best of all, many are just as profitable as books. For me, photographs have been one of the most productive non-book items I've sold, but for many years I neglected to do anything with them unless they were in the form of actual prints. I'd often pass negatives and slides by altogether or, if I bought them as part of a collection, I didn't even attempt to sell them. No longer. I've since discovered their considerable potential for profit and will show you how I sell them today.

And here's something else different for you - well, different for website readers of the BookThinker. This week, we're publishing my weekly column, QMR Book of the Week, on the website as well as in the email version. For those of you who aren't aware of it, we feature one book each week that appears in our premium newsletter, BookThink's Quarterly Market Report of Common, Profitable Books. The purpose of this is to offer non-subscribers samples of what appears in these reports before committing to a subscription and also to add additional depth to some of the recommended titles. If you find this week's column useful, we invite you to start receiving it by subscribing to the BookThinker email version. It's free, your email address won't be peddled to anybody, and you can get set up here.

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