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If you have a small store, consider having casters (industrial-strength wheels) added to your fixtures so that you can easily reconfigure your space to host events or get behind a fixture to change out an exterior window display.

When thinking about fixtures, keep in mind that you'll not only need bookcases but also endcaps and display fixtures. If you are planning to carry valuable antiquarian books or small, costly gift items, you may also need a locking glass case or two.

For focal points, such as your main display table, you may want to splurge on a nice-looking piece from an antique store. For smaller end tables, a fresh coat of paint over a thrift store find may be all that's necessary.

If you find that your store plan includes some odd-sized spaces that don't lend themselves well to standard fixture sizes, consider attaching slatwall to the area and turn the wall itself into a fixture.

If you find yourself running out of space, consider moving into the vertical by hanging gift items from your ceiling: Perhaps a long chain of stuffed animals or a kitchen pot rack displaying wind chimes.

If you decide to go with custom-built shelving, stay tuned for Parts III & IV of this article, which will share the plans for the A-frame units and wall shelves that my father built for my store. Feel free to build from them yourself or pass them along to your local carpenter.

If you have any questions about fixturing your store, please email me at fictionaddiction@juno.com or post your query to the BookThink Open Shop Bookstores forum, and I'll do my best to help.

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