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by Craig Stark

#116, 17 March 2008

If you specialize in bookselling, you're probably familiar with most or all of the reference books relevant to your specialty, but if you're new or newer at things, perhaps not - and sometimes asking for suggestions doesn't deliver the breadth and depth of information you need to make good choices. In today's first article, I'd like to introduce you to a publisher of reference books that can help you make these decisions. I think you'll be surprised at how useful to bookselling some of their titles are, even if they were intended for librarians!

Next up is Jill Hendrix. Now that the ink is dry on your bookstore lease, we're getting to the fun stuff - designing your store. As usual, Jill provides exceptional detail on what to consider and how to go about this.

A BookThinker subscriber who's apparently better at Googling than I am dug up a link to the Kreg jig recommended in last week's article.

By the way, this is the less expensive jig - which should work fine. v Finally, the response to my reminder in last week's BookThinker about added content in the email version of the newsletter was surprisingly heavy, so it can't hurt to repeat it: A reminder for those of you who read the web version of the BookThinker - you're missing out on some content that could prove profitable for you. Only subscribers to the email version can access this, so why not subscribe today? It's free!

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