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by Craig Stark

#111, 7 January 2008

Looking back and looking forward today.

First, Steve Weber looks back at Amazon, 2007. It seems that Amazon broke some sales records last year - bully for them. It also seems that many of its Marketplace associates did not. Why? In some ways, intentionally or not, Amazon has made it more difficult for its sellers, small ones in particular. See the troubling specifics in his article.

Second, I'm looking forward to 2008. Predictions? Sure, I have one, and this one is easy: If you think bookselling was overpopulated with incompetent and/or fraudulent booksellers in 2007, just wait. It gets worse this year. Solutions? I have one of those too, at least a suggestion for what you could do to lift your business above the masses - and rest assured it has nothing to do with your shop cat.

Finally, I'd like to personally wish everybody a successful 2008. As ever, BookThink is committed to providing the resources that will help you succeed. Now go out there and kick some butt.

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