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Antiquarian & Collectible Top 5
September 2007

#1* tie $14,000.00 LIGHT BLUE DARK BLUE -1ST - SIGNED -PLATH, HUGHES 1960
#1 tie $14,000.00 Stephen King's Firestarter, lettered Asbestos edition
#3 $12,700.00 **__GOSPEL, EVANGELIE, ideal condition, rare, 1780__**
#4 $10,050.00 Hobbit 1937 Tolkien 1st ed 1st imp HC DJ Allen & Unwin
#5 $9,900.00 1496 ILLUMINATED BIBLE Biblia Latina 1ST BRESCIA ED.!

* It is not possible to determine if this sale was completed. For more details see #1 below.

#1* tie
Light Blue Dark Blue
An Anthology of Cambridge and Oxford Writing

Described as signed by Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, the book was listed by a UK seller and sold to a novice buyer in a BIN. It is not possible to determine if this sale was completed. Two months after the BIN took place, the buyer still had 0 feedback and the seller, who had 295 feedback with a 99.3% positive rating at the time of the BIN, was using a new selling name and had private feedback.

#1 tie
Stephen King

Sold as a Best Offer, the 1980 volume is letter H in the "lettered asbestos Firestarter" and was signed by Stephen King. The seller reports that there were only 26 volumes bound in asbestos.

Gospel or Evangelie

Listed by an Austrian seller in a private auction, the Ukranian printed volume is described as a "very large folio ... with old Slavonic editing by two different hands.... 4 engravings of Evangelists on copper by Goczemski." It sold as a BIN.

The Hobbitt
J.R.R. Tolkien

In another private auction, a first edition copy of The Hobbitt in a first issue dust jacket sold as a best offer.

[Biblia Latina]

Listed by a US seller and described as "the earliest Brescia edition of the Latin Bible," the 1496 Bible was printed in Italy. It received 33 bids to sell for $9,900.

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