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Pre-ISBN Books

Now, what if your book doesn't have an ISBN? You search for the title on Amazon, and find a half-dozen seller-created pages with little or no descriptive content. Which page should you list your book on? The page at the top of the list? The page with the most listings? The fewest listings?

Check the Amazon Sales Ranks of each page by consulting the section "Product Details." The page with the best sales rank will be the best place to list because that's the page customers are buying on most frequently. (The lower the number, the better the sales rank; a rank of 1 is the top best-seller. The pages with the best sales ranks usually appear at the top of search results.)

Let's imagine you have a super rare volume worth hundreds of dollars or more. In that case, you might want to leave nothing to chance and list the same book on each existing product page. When you get the sale, you can delete the duplicate listings.

Of course, if you're a Pro-Merchant, you have the option to create a new detail page to match your book exactly. If the book is valuable, it can certainly be worth your time. Here are the links to Amazon's help sections for creating a product page.

This page gives an overview of process.

And here is where you start to actually create a product page.

Bailing Out To EBay

In some cases, there's just no way to sell a perfectly good book oddball book on Amazon. For example, an acquaintance recently came across a hardcover first edition of "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics." There are literally dozens of Amazon product pages for various paperback and hardcover editions, with prices all over the map. Rather than fight the crowds of sellers on Amazon, this bookseller simply listed it in his eBay Store as a "Vintage BEATLES Illustrated FIRST EDITION," and it sold for $24.99 within days, foxing and all.

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