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Non-Fiction Top 10
January 2007

#1 $5,389.45 VERY RARE Tolfrey "Jones Guide to Norway" 1848
#2 $5,000.00 Vanishing Animals, Andy Warhol, signed 1st edition
#3 $4,800.00 I Me Mine George Harrison Signed Book
#4 $3,550.00 alcoholics anonymous 1st.ed. 1st.printing fascimal dc
#6 $3,034.44 'A Night in London' Bill Brandt First 1938 Very Rare
#7 $2,246.09 Winston S. Churchill - MY EARLY LIFE
#8 $2,133.00 The North American Sylva, Vol. 1 and 2 (missing vol 3)
#10 $1,509.39 Fox Pool - The Adventures of The Famous Five Rob Maylin

Jones's Guide to Norway and Salmon Fishers Pocket Companion
J. Jones

"One of the rarest fishing books ever published" describes the 1848 copy "used by the Flyfishers Classic Library to produce their reprint." Now rebound in leather with slipcase, it was listed in a 10-day auction with 1 photo and sold with 3 bids. Answers to questions revealed details: The binding is likely by Hartnois and there is a cloth-covered slipcase. Condition is listed as "very good having regard to the age."

Vanishing Animals
Andy Warhol and Kurt Benirschke

The 1986 hardcover in dust jacket triggered more questions than any top 10 book in memory. Ten questions with answers were posted, and they came from Europe, Japan, London, Canada, and Australia. Proof of its appeal was in the bidding (26 in all) and the price ($5,000). The only thing missing was a condition description but the answers to questions revealed it was new condition. The US seller told how a family member worked for the publisher and met Mr. Warhol who signed it for her. This seller also sold #1 in fiction.

I Me Mine
George Harrison

Described as in excellent condition, the leather-bound Genesis volume was signed by Harrison. The Australian seller listed it in a 7-day auction with 8 photos. After 17 bids, it sold for $4,800.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A novice US seller listed the 1st ed., 1st printing in a reproduction dust jacket that attracted 19 bids in a 7-day auction with 2 photos.


Called superb, the volume includes the old and new testaments, Book of Common Prayer, Book of Geneaologies and Psalms of David. All except the Psalms were printed in 1634, and it was printed the next year. Rebound in "half leather ... with marble paper hardback boards," it has few flaws. Shown in 12 photos by the UK seller who listed it in a 7-day auction, it sold after 23 bids for $3,037.69.

A Night in London
Bill Brandt

The 1938 1st edition is ex-library is described as "in excellent order." Listed by a UK seller in a 10-day auction with 5 photos, the auction received 19 bids.

My Early Life: A Roving Commission
Winston S. Churchill

A private 5-day auction by a seller from Scotland led to12 bids and a selling price of $2,246.09. Published in 1941, the book includes a glued in letter from Churchill at Downing Street noting that the book was sent with Churchill's thanks to the composer of the pipe march "Salute to Mr. Churchill." The page to which it is attached came loose and was taped back in.

The North American Sylva, or a Description of Forest Trees, of the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia
Francois Andre Michaux

Published 1817-1818, volumes 1 and 2 (3 is missing) were listed by a US seller in a 7-day auction with 1 photo. This is the first English language edition and it contains 55 plates in each leather-bound volume. After 16 bids, the set sold at $2,133.

Diving Manual and Instructions to Divers
R. H. Davis

The UK seller is sure the undated volume "is contemporary with the immediate post WWI period." [Associate Editor's note: Worldcat.org shows a 1924 book titled A Diving Manual and Handbook of Submarine Appliances by Robert H. Davis and also published by Siebe, Gorman & Co. of London.] The 7-day auction drew 19 bids before ending at $1,587.44.

Fox Pool
The Adventures of the Famous Five

Rob Maylin

Listed by a UK seller in a 10-day auction with 1 photo, the faux leather sequel to Tiger Bay is listed in excellent condition. After 9 bids, it sold for $1,509.39.

By the Numbers

12 sellers were from the UK
7 sellers were from the USA
1 seller was from Australia
2 sellers each sold 2 books
1 seller sold #1 Fiction and #2 Non-Fiction
10 books were published during or after 1950
10 were published before 1950
0 book was listed for 3 days
1 books was listed for 5 days
7 books were listed for 7 days
9 books were listed for 10 days
1 sold as BIN
2 sold as Best Offers
1 to 29 was the range of bids
3 were private auctions
Seller feedback ranged from 0 to 7195
The seller who sold #1 Fiction and #2 Non-Fiction had a feedback of 5.*
25% of the books were sold by sellers with feedback of 5 or lower.
11 sellers had 100% positive feedback
Feedback ranged from 99.5% to100% for sellers who had feedback
The oldest book was published in 1634

*feedback is noted at the time the auction is viewed by BookThink.

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