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Non-Fiction Top 10
November 2006

#1 $5,434.10 Die Baukunst Konstantinoples by Cornelius Gurlitt,1912
#3 $2,250.99 RARE! Geneva Bible Printed 1583
#4 $2,201.00 Narcotics Anonymous (1983)
#5 $2,000.00 Rare Old King James Authorized Bible (1663)
#8 $1,492.00 Abraham Lincoln The War Years SIGNED & FIRST Edition
#9 $1,469.87 New Naturalist No 76 The Hebrides

Die Baukunst Konstantinopels
Cornelius Gurlitt

The 3-volume ex-library set includes "two large folio volumes of plates and one large folio volume of text to accompany the plates." Text is in German. Listed by a UK seller in a 10-day auction with over 25 photos, the set attracted 6 bids and sold to a novice buyer. Just short of 2 months after the sale there is still no feedback recorded for the purchaser. You may recall this title from October. From examination of the pictures and text, this appears to be a relisting of the same set.

Oliver Rackham

Newly issued, the deluxe limited edition of the New Naturalist book is a leatherbound first edition. It is #31 of the 100 copies printed and is signed by the author. Listed by a UK seller in a 10-day auction with 3 photos, the auction attracted 22 bids and sold at $3,949.20.

1583 Geneva Bible

Printed in London by the Queen's printer, the folio size Bible was donated to the Berkeley Divinity School and later moved to the Yale Divinity School before being sold to another institution that is selling their collection. The 5-day auction with 5 photos attracted 23 bids, closing at $2,250.99.

It Works
Narcotics Anonymous

The 1st edition #406 copy of It Works has one flaw, the seller reported. It's "a tiny dot of blue on the bottom corner of binding." The auction received 12 bids and sold at $2,201.

1663 King James Authorized

Described as ornate, the binding has gold trim and 5 raised bands with a tight binding on the 3" thick volume. The US seller notes that one page shows repair. The Bible sold as a BIN for $2,000.

Fox Pool
Rob Maylin

If you thought we left carp behind with the October Top 10, think again. In November it's another Maylin book, another leather-bound limited edition. The Dutch seller recalled this is 1 of 30 copies in the limited edition. It is signed by Maylin and in a slipcase. The 7-day auction with 7 photos closed with 10 bids.

The Irish Landscape
Louis Le Brocquy

The mint condition signed book is #15 of a limited edition of 250. Leather bound and in a slipcase, it was listed by the UK seller in a 10-day auction with 1 photo. 21 bids brought the GBP 150.00 starting bid to $1,776.98.

Abraham Lincoln - The War Years
Carl Sandburg

The 4-volume set is among the limited edition of 525 signed by the author. Described as in excellent condition with page tanning, the set was listed by a US seller in a 7-day auction with 6 photos. It attracted 26 bids to close at $1,492.

The Hebrides
J.M. Boyd and I.L. Boyd

Described as "new except for slight fading of the blue title strip on the jacket spine," this New Naturalist No. 76 took only that brief description and 1 photo to attract 6 bids in the 10-day auction by a UK seller.

Theory of the Earth With Proofs and Illustrations
Vol 1.

James Hutton

The 1795 leather volume is "worn at extremities and split at hinges. Boards at attached by the cords only. Split at center of spine but the book remains in tack." This is a second edition of Hutton's work. Listed by a US seller in a 5-day auction with 6 photos, the book is 1 of 3 volumes that comprise the set. After 11 bids, it sold for $1,340.66.

By the Numbers

7 sellers were from the UK
9 sellers were from the USA
2 sellers were from Australia
1 seller was from the Netherlands
1 seller was from the Germany
14 books were published during or after 1950
6 were published before 1950
3 books was listed for 5 days
5 books were listed for 7 days
6 books were listed for 10 days
1 auction was ended early
4 sold as BIN
1 sold as a Best Offer
1 to 26 is the range of bids
None were private auction
Seller feedback ranged from 0 to 2137
9 sellers had 100% positive feedback
Feedback ranged from 99.5% to 100% for sellers who had feedback
The oldest book was published in 1583

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