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Non-Fiction Top 10
June 2006

#1 $2,247.22 Narcotics Anonymous 1st Edition red book!
#2 $2,125.00 Taschen G.O.A.T GOAT Muhammad Ali Biography Art Book
#3 $1,906.85 New Naturalist No 70 Orkney
#4 $1,599.47 Rare AUTOCOURSE 1965 - Very Good Condition ANNUAL Book
#6 $1,476.50 Narcotics Anonymous 1983 1st Edition RED Basic Text
#7 $1,325.00 This Very Place the Lotus Paradise - Rajneesh Osho
#8 $1,256.08 Keith Haring Brion Gysin. HAND SIGNED. Very rare.
#9 $1,225.00 The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses by Tom Doak
#10 $1,128.65 Signed L Ron Hubbard Scientology Book Autograph

It Works
Narcotics Anonymous

BookThink turns up in the best places. In this case, BT appeared, along with a reference to the April Top 10, in seller-added information. Describing this copy of It Works as "in Perfect condition" and #1314 of the first edition red book. The only flaws are a sticker inside the front cover and a name. The US seller started the 5-day auction with 6 photos at $100. After 12 bids, it sold for $2,247.22.

G.O.A.T.: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

One of a limited edition of 10,000, this is a collector's edition copy signed by Muhammad Ali and Jeff Koons, the artist. A true heavyweight, the volume weighs 75 lbs and is bound in pink leather. Still in the opened original shipping box, the book is accompanied by a signed Koons' print. The 10-day auction with 5 photos started at $499.99, received 13 bids, and sold for $2,125.

New Naturalist No 70: Orkney
R.J. Berry

The UK seller attracted 29 bids with a "mint condition, except for very slightest foxing to page tops" copy of New Naturalist No 70: Orkney. The 1985 hardcover is a first edition. Listed in a 10-day auction with 1 photo, the book started a GBP 100.00 and sold for $1,906.85. Questions included height (related to 1st or 2nd state) and condition of the dust jacket.

Autocourse: The Review of International Motor Sport 1965

Selling for $1,599.47 on 14 bids, the 1965 Autocourse was listed in a 10-day auction by a UK seller. The starting bid was GBP 99.99 for the hardcover book in a dust jacket. Condition is described in detail, from the small tears and scuffing to a small blemish.

Travels in Brazil
Henry Koster

Moving back in time, the 1816 book is an ex-library first edition with rubbing, some foxing, and a replaced spine. The UK seller calls it, "a good, ex-library copy" and showed it in 12 photos. The color plates are "fine aquatints." After a 7-day auction with 10 bids, the price went from GBP 99.99 to $1,510.93.

It Works
Narcotics Anonymous

"All I can say is WOW," wrote the US seller in the auction of a first edition red copy of It Works, numbered 2604. Flaws include wear along with some writing and highlighting. In the 7-day auction with 9 photos, 10 bids were received, taking it from the opening bid of $9.99 to a selling price of $1,476.50.

This Very Place: The Lotus Paradise

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

A first edition photobiography of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, this is #450 of 1500. The US seller described the book as in good condition and the dust jacket in fair condition. Listed in a 7-day auction with 1 photo and links to 5 others, the auction started at $1200, received 2 bids, and sold for $1,325.

Fault Lines
Brion Gysin and Keith Haring

It took close peering past drawings of naked bodies to decipher the title in a photo. Somehow, the UK seller didn't mention it. Are we just supposed to know? The seller did mention it is #106 of 200 and was hand signed by both Gysin and Haring. This is unusual because Gysin's name was usually hand-stamped after his death. Described as in mint condition, the book sold as a BIN for $1,256.08.

The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses
Tom Doak

A minimalist auction, this 10-day listing by a US seller attracted 31 bids, taking it from a $49.99 starting price to the $1,225 selling price. In this case, minimalist means title, author, publisher, date, number of pages, and a 25-word condition statement. The summary would be used, hardcover, very good, clean. One photo accompanied the auction.

Scientology 8-8008
L. Ron Hubbard

Hubbard's 1956 signed hardcover, 3d edition also was signed by a second person, identified in added information as M. Nicholls. The UK seller describes it as "in very good condition for its age" with the original dust jacket. The auction started at GBP 9.99, received 42 bids, and the book sold for $1,128.65.

By the Numbers

13 of the sellers were from the UK
7 of the sellers were from the USA
1 seller sold 2 books
18 books were published during or after 1950
2 were published before 1950
1 book was listed for 5 days
9 books were listed for 7 days
9 books were listed for 10 days
1 sold as BIN
1 - 52 is the range of bids
0 were private auctions
Seller feedback ranged from 0 - 22622
13 sellers had 100% positive feedback
Feedback ranged from 99.6% - 100% for sellers with feedback
2 sellers had no feedback; both were charity auctions
The oldest book was published in 1816

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