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Non-Fiction Top 10
March 2006

#1 $9,889.98 Ed Ruscha Tweentysix Gasoline Stations, 1st printing
#2 $5,158.99 Ed Ruscha Some Small Fires, 1st printing
#4 $4,362.00 Helmut Newton SUMO - Taschen
#5 $4,102.99 Ed Ruscha Some Los Angeles Apartments, 1st printing
#6 $3,623.76 THE BEATLES "HAMBURG DAYS" Genesis De-Luxe Publication
#7 $2,950.00 AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF YOGI 1946 1st HC DJ SIGNED Yogananda
#8 $2,859.73 TIMEFORM RACEHORSES OF 1949
#9 $2,650.00 Very Old and Rare Geneva Bible (1599)
#10 $2,600.06 Signed Limited HARLEM by HIRSCHFELD & William Saroyan

Twentysix Gasoline Stations
by Ed Ruscha

A personal connection with Ed Ruscha meant the seller received 2 copies of each of Ruscha's books. In March, 3 from this US seller made the top 10 as #1, #2, and #5. This first run printing, listed with 1 photo, attracted 43 bids and sold for $9,889.98. Questions covered dust jacket (no dj) and book contents.

Some Small Fires
by Ed Ruscha

The second Ruscha book received 31 bids and sold for $5,158.99. The same seller as #1 and #5 listed this first run copy without DJ.

Universal Brotherhood: Tasks and Oaths

Signatures, thought to be those of Achad Parzival and Crowley, add interest to the 1916 booklet now loose pages. 7 photos illustrate the auction and provide information on the levels within the group. After 17 bids, the item sold for $5,100.

by Helmut Newton

This is #7862 of 10,000 copies of Sumo; it is signed and numbered by Newton. The unopened 66 lb. book is in original packaging, and a display device is included. The auction featured 9 photos and closed with a BIN of $4,362.

Some Los Angeles Apartments
by Ed Ruscha

Sold by the seller of #1 and #2, this first run book attracted 14 bids and sold for $4,102.99. As with the others from the seller, only 1 photo illustrated the auction.

Hamburg Days
by Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voorman

In listing the 1982 first edition, the U.S. seller with 9 feedbacks provides little description beyond calling the book rare and indicating it is #1272. Bidders best information comes from the 3 clear photographs. The auction attracted 19 bids, taking it from a $1 starting price to $2,226. A Genesis limited deluxe 2-volume set is #131 of the 250 numbered copies. George Harrison's initials are on a special bookplate. Included in the set are 2 prints, 1 by each of the authors. Still unopened, it is described as "Brand New Mint." The set is quarter bound in black silk and housed in a lithographed solander box with metal name plate. After 37 bids, the auction reached the selling price of $3,623.76.

Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramhansa Yogananda

Offered by US seller, the auction with 3 photos attracted 6 bids and closed at $2,950 for the 1946 signed and inscribed first edition. The dust jacket, in mylar, is price clipped. Flaws listed include light wear and dj chips, bumped corners. Pages are clean and unmarked. One of the 3 photos shows what appears to be a label on the dj spine, No mention is made of it being ex-library, so what seems to be a label may be a feature of the dj itself. Questions focus on the signature (undamaged) and its authenticity (no direct evidence).


Timeform Racehorses of 1949

"Rarer than rocking horse droppings," is how the UK seller describes the green paperback copy. As for description, it's indicated by "nice clean and tight copy, photo does it no favors." After 24 bids, the book sold for $2,859.73.


Geneva Bible 1599

12 photos illustrate the auction of the 1599 Bible. The US seller is unsure if it has been restored; photos show a fine or near fine copy with uncropped margins. Photos also show some ornate writing inside. The seller notes, "There is a place where the binding has fasteners but they are no long there." After a whopping 88 bids, the Bible sold for $2,650.


Harlem as Seen By Hirschfeld
text by William Saroyan

Coming in at #10 is the 1941 signed first edition, #89 of a 1000-copy limited edition. Slightly soiled, the hardcover book has no dust jacket, a small spine slit, and a few other minor flaws shown in the 4 photos. It was inscribed to a previous owner and signed by Hirschfeld. Contents include "24 original colored lithographs signed in the plate by Hirschfeld on hand-made paper." After receiving 8 bids, the book sold for $2,600.06.

By the Numbers

9 of the sellers were from the UK
11 of the sellers were from the USA
1 seller sold 3 books by the same person
14 books were published after 1950
6 were published before 1950
0 used reserves
3 sold as BIN
1 through 88 is the range of bids
Seller feedback ranged from 9 to 10,780
12 sellers had 100% positive feedback
Feedback ranged from 98.5% to 100%
The oldest book was published in 1599