From the Editor

by Craig Stark

#66, 10 April 2006

Science Fiction Editor Tim Doyle received an email recently, started a reply, and the next thing he knew he had an article. Wish I could that! What a great time saver. In any case, in today's column he expands on some points he made in an earlier BookThink article, "Signed Books - Measuring Their Value."

Pamela Palmer's February Top 10 on eBay appears today with new stuff and old - but surprisingly no Harry Potter. Alcohol and drugs seem to be the topics of choice instead, fully 8 of the 20 titles. Most interesting of these was a beat up copy of William Burroughs' (writing as William Lee) first book, Junkie. Seems it's the blonde on the cover that carried the day. Junkie also landed in a much more common Ace Double - still very much worth grabbing.

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