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Top 10 on eBay
Non-Fiction Top 10
December 2005

#1 $5,999.00 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition 1st Printing 1939 AA
#2 $5,388.88 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Ed. 7th Pr. 1945 VERY SCARCE
#3 $3,850.00 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Ed 1st Printing Red Book 1939
#4 $2,500.00 Alcoholics Anonymous 2nd Ed. 1st Pr.1955 SIGNED BILL W
6 $1,736.11 Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition 3rd Printing 1942 AA
#7 $1,600.00 Very Old Rare Geneva Holy Bible (1599)
#8 $1,500.00 tie Ronald Reagan Signed AN AMERICAN LIFE Book
#10 $1,409.42 Snowblind: signed, ltd 1st edition Damien Hirst artwork

Alcoholics Anonymous

Relisted after a non-paying bidder, this 1st edition, 1st printing 1939 red book came in atop the non-fiction list. One of 4650, this book is described as exceptional with few flaws that include a letter P on the spine and small tears on 17 pages. The auction included 8 photos and attracted 24 bids, raising the starting bid of $99.99 to the selling price of $5,999 in a 7-day auction with reserve. The same seller listed #2, 4, and 6 - all copies of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous

This copy of Alcoholics Anonymous is a 1st edition, 7th printing of 1945. The seller calls it "the hardest to find" and describes its only fault as minor cover wear. In a 3-day listing with reserve and 7 photos, the auction received 14 bids, starting at $99.99 and selling for $5,388.88. The same seller listed #1, 4, and 6.

Alcoholics Anonymous

A different seller listed this 1st edition, 1st printing of the 1939 red book in a 5-day auction with reserve. Described as ex-library, "slightly cocked and front cover a bit loose, still fine appearing overall," the book contains duplicate pages 71-86. Starting at $1,000, it sold at $3,850 with 16 bids. Seven photos illustrated the auction.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The seller of #1, 2, and 6, sold this 2nd edition, 1st printing on a relist after a non-paying buyer. Signed by Bill W, the 7-day auction with reserve attracted 17 bids, starting at $99.99 and selling at $2,500; 5 photos show the volume. In "excellent condition with chipping and minor tears on the edge to the dustjacket," it also has a tear on the title page and some underlining.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Yet another seller listed this 1st edition, 6th printing copy in a 5-day auction starting at $99. Twenty-one bids lead to a selling price of $1,796.71. Described as in "great condition ... excellent condition," flaws include page yellowing, a small spot inside, and a previous owner's name with the name of his sponsor and meeting information. Six photos are included.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The seller of #1, 2, and 4 sold this 1st edition, 3rd printing with dust jacket. The book is in good condition with dust jacket chipping. Water damage is apparent on the cover primarily. Shown in 9 photos, the book was listed in a 3-day auction with reserve. After 9 bids starting at $99.99, it sold for $1,736.11.


A restored 1599 Geneva Bible containing the original pages attracted 44 bids in a 7-day auction, taking it from a $4.99 starting bid to $1,600. Eleven pictures illustrate the hefty volume.

Building Plans and Designs
by Frank Lloyd Wright

This reprint of the 1910 "Wasmuth" folio dates from 1963, part of 2500 copies. This is copy 17a. Containing 100 loose plates in portfolio, it is described as without flaw. Shown in 8 photos, it sold on a BIN for $1,500.

An American Life
by Ronald Reagan

In a tie for #8, a deluxe limited edition #1297 of 2000 sold on a BIN. Listed with 12 photos, the auction includes the book described as in excellent condition, the wooden box created for this edition, along with 6 tapes of Reagan speaking.

by Damien Hirst

"Boxed, unopened, and in mint collector's condition" is the UK seller's description of #990 in the run. Listed for 5 days, the auction started at GBP 500 and sold on 10 bids for $1,409.42. Five photos illustrate the item.

By the Numbers

50% of the sellers were from the UK
50% of the sellers were from the USA
1 seller sold 4 books, all Alcoholics Anonymous
6 copies of Alcoholics Anonymous sold
1 other seller sold 2 books
7 sellers has 100% feedback
1 seller had 99.1 feedback, the lowest percentage
3 were listed for 10 days
4 were listed for 7 days
4 were listed for 5 days
2 were listed for 3 days
7 sold as BIN purchases
9 used reserves
1 to 44 was the range of bids
6 auctions had 1 bid
1 was an auction for charity
11 books were published in 1950 or after
1569 was the earliest date of publication

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