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Top 10 on eBay
Non-Fiction Top 10
October 2005

#1 $2,727.85 PINK FLOYD, SYD BARRETT - "Psychedelic Renegades"
#2 $1,850.00 Geneva Breeches Bible 1602 / 1605
#3 $1,804.58 Marcel Duchamp and Richard Hamilton rare 1966 work
#4 $1,763.00 *The Lord of the Rings Sketch Book*by ALAN LEE*UNIQUE*
#5 [tie] $1,525.00 1909 LONGHORN TEXAS A&M YEARBOOK
#5 [tie] $1,525.00 Alcoholics Anonymous RARE 1941 with Bill's Signature
#7 $1,500.00 Narcotics Anonymous 1st Edition BLUE - HELP
#8 $1,475.00 A Kertesz DAY OF PARIS 1945 1st dj Signed
#10 $1,350.05 SNAFFLES, Charles Johnson Payne, Millwood Press. 1983.

Psychedelic Renegades: Photographs of Syd Barrett, by Mick Rock

The volume is #89 of 320 signed and numbered copies of this Genesis publication. Signed by both Barrett and Rock, it is in a slipcase. The UK seller describes it as "bound in two colours of leather, and gold blocked ...." Five pictures are included in the auction. Listed at GBP 1.00, the 7-day auction received 12 bids, met its reserve, and sold for $2,727.85.

The Bible
Geneva Breeches Bible 1602 / 1605

When the UK seller listed this Bible, he noted it contains "17th & 18th Century handwritten notes." Described in separate places as "a good copy" and "... in excellent condition for its age," it was "printed in 1605 printed throughout in black (gothic) letter.... It also contains, bound in at front, a contemporaneous Book of Common Prayer (lacking a title page) ... [and] Bound in at the end is an edition of Sternhold-Hopkinks Metrical Psalms, with musical notation dated 1602." Bound in the original leather with "metal clasps but no fastenings, the spine has been professionally replaced some time ago ...." The signature inside is Francis Cooke and is dated October 31st 1719. Nine photographs illustrate the auction. The UK seller started the auction at $990 (listing the action in US dollars). After 5 bids, it met its reserve and sold for $1,850.

The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors ...
by Richard Hamilton

This title is obscure enough without the UK seller repeatedly calling it The Bride Striped Bare..., evoking the image of a zebrasque female. Having clarified that, the rest remains murky. The seller calls it "a copy of 'The Bride Striped Bare by Her Bachelors Even Again' by Richard Hamilton published in 1966 for an exhibition held at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle." It's noted that "the catalogue / nook examines Duchamp Glass and Hamilton faithful reproduction of it." From the context, one could guess that "nook" is meant to be "book." The seller reports that "When Marcel Duchamp came to London for the opening of his exhibition, he agreed to sign it" but, the seller added later, "This book has not been signed by either Hamilton or Duchamp." Searches of the Library of Congress Catalog and the British Library Integrated Catalog do not locate a 1966 work of this title; however, they both list a 1960 book titled The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, even; a typographic version by Richard Hamilton of Marcel Duchamp's Green Box," listed as 1 v. unpaged. The auction started at GBP 0.99 and rose on 4 bids to $1,804.58. It included 4 photographs and lasted for 10 days.

The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook, by Alan Lee

Including Lee's signature and hand-drawn sketch, this book is shown in 6 photographs in the auction. The UK seller started it at GBP 0.99 and 12 bids took it past the reserve to the $1,763 selling price.

#5 tie
The Long Horn
1909 Texas A&M Yearbook

In a brief listing, the yearbook is described as in good condition with a leather cover. The book is not autographed. Listed in a 7-day auction, it is shown in 5 photographs. The auction attracted 28 bids, moving it from a $19.99 starting bid to the $1,525 selling price.

#5 tie
Alcoholics Anonymous

The auction is for a second printing, March 1941 copy of the book plus a signature paper signed by Bill Wilson. The US seller married the two elements, originating from different sources. The book's flaws include a cut at top of spine and faded gold lettering. The seller rates its condition as very good, with a tight binding and no writing or torn pages. Starting at an opening bid of $9.95, 18 bids took it to a selling price of $1,525 during the 7-day auction.

Narcotics Anonymous: It Works

Selling at its starting bid of $1,500, this 5-day auction is for a first edition, blue basic text. Three photos illustrate the auction but there is scant description, only the comment it is in "incredible condition ...with a signature in the front of the book."

Day of Paris
Photographs by A. Kertesz; Edited by George Davis

Listed as a 1st edition "presentation copy dated May 22, 1945 and signed by A Kertesz on ifep," the book is described as having slight wear and soiling. More information was added in response to questions; the dj is worn and chipped but the book has a tight binding and hinges. Listed by a US seller for 7 days, the auction started at $9.99 and ended at $1,475 with 15 bids.

The Merchants Mappe of Commerce; Wherein the Universall Manner
and Matter of Trade, is Compendiously Handled...

by Lewes Roberts

Published at London in 1638, this 454-page work contains table and 4 maps, is bound in leather with raised bands. The UK seller describes it as in very good condition with the rebinding retaining some original leather. Details include some loss to the frontispiece that has been repaired, maps in good condition, a few missing index pages, and some marks. Ten photos illustrate the 7-day auction. Started at GBP 19.99, the auction received 15 bids and closed at $1,371.13.

Snaffles: Charles Johnson Payne,
Being a Selection of His Hunting and Racing Prints

Listed by a New Zealand seller, this title was published in his country by Millwood Press in 1983 in a limited edition of 750 copies. This is copy #26. It contains "82 coloured plates by Snaffles, tipped in by hand with black and white illustrations ...." The book is described as in fine condition; the fall down box with it shows sunning, scratches, and a water stain. Listed for 7 days with 5 photos, it started at GBP 500 and sold with 4 bids at $1,350.05.

By the Numbers

75% of the sellers were from the U.K.
20% of the sellers were from the U.S.A.
1 seller was from New Zealand
1 seller sold 2 books in the Fiction Top 10
9 sellers had 100% feedback
1 seller had 97.4% feedback, the lowest percentage
6 were listed for 10 days
9 were listed for 7 days
2 were listed for 5 days
3 sold as BIN purchases
5 used reserves, including 1 that sold for the starting price - why the reserve?
1 to 29 is the range of bids (including BIN)
6 auctions had 1 bid
1 was a facsimile reprint
12 books were published after 1950
1605 was the earliest date of publication
1638 was the second earliest date of publication

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