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Top 10 on eBay
Non-Fiction Top 10
September 2005

#5 $2,225.99 George Harrison / Derek Taylor Signed Book - Genesis
#7 $2,051.00 Cajal HISTOLOGIE DU SYSTEME NERVEUX 4vol Hc1909 c
#8 $1,840.00 John Amery - Fascist Traitor WW2 BOOK SCARCE!!!!!!!!!

#1 Alcoholics Anonymous

A first printing, second edition Alcoholics Anonymous, is described as a presentation copy given to an AA insider named Art around 1955. It's particularly interesting for the 98 signatures inside, including Bill and Lois W., Nell Wing, Jim Burwell, and other AA notables; most signatures include the full name. Six pictures including some showing the signatures were included. The dj has normal wear, and the book is in very good condition. Forty-two bids moved it from the $9.95 starting bid to $7,300.

#2 I Me Mine, by George Harrison

Sold "as-is" though said to be in excellent condition, this limited edition leather-bound book is one of the 2000 hand signed by Harrison. Fifteen pictures show details of the volume and signatures. Starting at $2,500, three bids took it to $4,160.

#3 American Country [Time-Life Series]
Country Furniture
Country Crafts
Country Quilts
Country Folk Art
Country Christmas

The seller said s/he is clearing out a personal collection, indicating these are all in near mint condition, some with a bookplate removed. One picture is included, showing the five book covers. Nine bids took it from a $19.95 starting bid to the $2,448 selling price. [See BookThink's comments.]

#4 Redmire Pool, by Kevin Clifford and Len Arbery

One of the 50 copies in a special leather edition, this 1984 book is #45 and signed by the authors. Described as in mint condition, it is show in 4 pictures. The U.K. seller started the auction at GBP 1,3000 and it sold at that price.

#5 Fifty Years Adrift in an Open-Necked Shirt
by Derek Taylor and George Harrison

George Harrison shows up again at #5, a Genesis Publication signed by Harrison, Derek Taylor and Larry Smith. The boxed leather-bound book is #958 of 2000. Sold by Rockstore (Distributors of Genesis Publication) on consignment, the auction started at $1 and received 35 bids to sell for $2,225.99. Five pictures illustrate the auction.

#6 Alcoholics Anonymous

Yet another copy of Alcoholics Anonymous, this 1948 first edition (12th printing) is signed by Bill Wilson using his full name. It is inscribed to Jim True, the uncle of the seller. Described as in very good condition with only minor wear. Three pictures illustrate the auction. Listed for $1,500, nine bids took it to a selling price of $2,213.

#7 Histologie du systeme nerveux: De L'Homme et des vertebras
by S. Ramon Cajal; translated by Le D'L. Azoulay

In a change of pace, #7 is a four-volume medical reference translated from Spanish into French. Published 1909-1911, the set is #247 of a numbered edition. According to the auction, the author shared the 1906 Nobel Prize. This work "sets out the cytological and histological foundations of modern neurology." Volumes have sunned spines, as well as edge and corner wear and a few minor flaws. Four pictures are included in the auction. Questions to the seller focus on the paper (if acid free) and printing date. The auction attracted 31 bids, taking the set from a starting price of $249.99 to a selling price of $2,051.

#8 England Faces Europe, by John Amery

This 1943 softcover is described as "the original book used for recruiting british P.O.W.s into a Corps of the German Army to fight Bolshevism. Complete with Stalag stamp to cover." Flaws include edge wear, chipped cover, sticker stain on back. In a lengthy historical note from Wikipedia, the U.K. seller writes of Amery proposing recruitment efforts to Hitler and traces Amery's efforts and trial for treason after the war. He was hanged in 1945. Four pictures are included. It sold for the starting price of $1,840.

#9 [1st BN. The Cameronians India 1905]

The title of #9 was not stated in the auction. It is a 1905 hardcover published in Rawalpindi; it has 52 pages and 40 photographs with a gilt insignia on the cover. Content include a history of the regiment. Photographs comprise the bulk of the volume, with those pictures ranging from officers to cooks and from sports teams to bagpipers. Many of those pictured are named. Listed by a U.K. seller, the auction contained 5 pictures. The book started at GBP 0.99, received 22 bids, and sold for $1,706.09.

#10 Narcotics Anonymous: It Works

The 1962 hardcover was listed as a second edition, but four "Ask the Seller A Question" entries indicate it is the first edition. In the responses, the seller says s/he now knows it is a first edition but learned that too late to change the auction. Description says the book is in very good condition with light cover wear, occasional light writing and highlighting, and slight mustiness. Sixteen bids took it from a starting price of $6.99 to a selling price of $1,525.

By the Numbers

50% of the sellers were from the U.K.
50% of the sellers were from the U.S.A.
1 seller sold 3 copies of the same book in the Fiction Top 10
13 sellers had 100% feedback (1 of them sold 3 books)
1 seller had 99.1% feedback, the lowest percentage
9 were listed for 10 days
7 were listed for 7 days
2 were listed for 5 days
2 sold as BIN purchases by email pre-arrangement
4 used reserves
1 to 42 is the range of bids (including BIN)
3 auctions had over 30 bids
5 auctions had 1 bid
2 were sales of Genesis Publications
4 were sales of Philip Pullman books
12 books were published after 1950

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