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Bibliography of American Literature
Points To Identify Early Works

by Pamela Palmer

#48, 1 August 2005

Chart I

Volumes in Bibliography of American Literature were published over thirty-six years, increasing the chances that a particular library may not own the entire set. When you check with an academic or large public library about availability of the set, also ask what volumes they own. The following list shows which part of the alphabet is in each of the nine volumes.

vol. 1. Henry Adams through Donn Byrne

vol. 2. George W. Cable through Timothy Dwight

vol. 3. Edward Eggleston through Bret Harte

vol. 4. Nathaniel Hawthorne through Joseph Holt Ingraham

vol. 5. Washington Irving through Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

vol. 6. Augustus Baldwin Longstreet through Thomas William Parsons

vol. 7. James Kirk Paulding through Frank Richard Stockton

vol. 8. Charles Warren Stoddard through Susan Bogert Warner

vol. 9. Edward Noyes Westcott through Elinor Wylie


Chart II

Below is the list of items that may are included in each Bibliography of American Literature entry (if applicable)-