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3. How to Sell Foreign Language Books

As niches go, this is a perennial puzzler. Foreign books surface everywhere, and it's always difficult to decide whether to buy them or not. Despite being largely unintelligible, some of them have flashpoints in spades. How do you know then they're worth taking a chance on? And, if you do buy, how and where do you sell them? This too will be the subject of an upcoming newsletter.

4. How to Create an eBay Template

After years of chucking out bookselling advice, the question I still get asked more than any other is: what is your eBay ID? Well, instead of politely explaining, over and over, why I prefer not to give this information out - and there really are some good reasons I can't - I've finally decided that it might be more efficient to show those who are interested exactly what I mean by an upgraded eBay presentation and how to make it happen themselves. This series of articles will include listing an actual book on eBay using a special ID I've created for this purpose and, to avoid auction tampering, revealing it in an article immediately after the auction closes. Should be fun.

5. Sellathon: A User's Guide

Just what it sounds like. This will be similar to the ScoutPal guide I did recently:

6. How To Build a Bookcase

In another lifetime, I built bookcases (and other things). For a living no less. I like to think I got pretty good at it. Some of the stuff I did was high-end; some simply utilitarian. It seems like booksellers never have enough storage space, and part of this is because good bookcases aren't cheap. However, if you build them yourself - and there are some relatively simple ways to do this - you can have quality at an affordable price. I'll show you how in this series, and, if I'm feeling brave, I'll give you a photo tour of the book cottage.

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