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Anderson collectors abound - yet another example of collectors following quality - snapping up books and prints alike, and if they're lucky enough to come across original artwork, will pay through the horse's nose for it. As a rule, I buy all Anderson prints I can find, framed or otherwise, signed or not, and most of his books, especially if they're first editions and published in the 1960's and earlier. Since many titles were originally published by MacMillan, confirming edition state is usually a no brainer because of this publisher's consistent practice of using "First Printing" on the copyright page. Ex-library books, which seem to be unusually numerous and are often - ugh -institutionally bound, may also do well if they're collectible editions. Many Anderson first editions in dust jackets in VG or better condition will often sell at $50 or so, the less common titles more, sometimes $100 and up, but only very early, very nice stuff will get into the stratosphere. Books that don't merit an investment of eBay labor will still sell reliably on fixed-price venues.

If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend conducting a search of closed Anderson auctions on eBay. Unlike many authors, sell-through is close to 100%. This is a clear indication of depth in the collector base. In bookselling, it's important to identify authors like Anderson because they're the bread and butter of this profession - sources of relatively common, mid- to high-range books that sell quickly.

Title Bibliography

Accent on Youth
Afraid to Ride
All Thoroughbreds
Another Man o' War
Before the Bugle
Big Red
Billy and Blaze
Black, Bay and Chestnut: Profiles of Twenty Favorite Horses
Blaze and the Forest Fire
Blaze and the Gray Spotted Pony
Blaze and the Gypsies
Blaze and the Indian Cave
Blaze and the Lost Quarry
Blaze and the Mountain Lion
Blaze and Thunderbolt
Blaze Finds Forgotten Roads
Blaze Finds the Trail
Blaze Shows the Way
The Blind Connemara
C.W. Anderson's Favorite Horse Stories
Colts and Champions
Complete Book of Horses and Horsemanship
The Crooked Colt
Deep Through the Heart: Profiles of Twenty Valiant Horses
A Filly for Joan
Great Heart
Gallant and Game
Heads Up, Heels Down: A Handbook of Horsemanship and Riding
High Courage
The Horse of Hurricane Hill
Horse of the Century, Man o' War
Horses Are Folks
Linda and the Indians
Lonesome Little Colt
The Look of a Thoroughbred
The Miracle of Greek Sculpture
The Outlaw
Phantom, Son of the Gray Ghost
A Pony for Linda
Pony for Three
The Rumble Seat Pony
The Smashers
Tomorrow's Champion
A Touch of Greatness
The World of Horses

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