Update Announcements

by Craig Stark

#23, 26 July 2004

More changes coming at BookThink next week. Several new web pages will be launched, among them BookTopics and Advertise. On BookTopics we'll begin the process of organizing the many and various topics discussed in past issues of the BookThinker into some sort of user-friendly resource - in other words, you won't have to plow through dozens and dozens of articles to find some information, say, on signed books. Also, it's official. BookThink is now accepting advertising. If you're looking for an affordable method of promoting your website or products to booksellers and book collectors, BookThink offers a large and targeted audience of 1,000's. Ad space is available both on the website and in each of our newsletters. An important note to readers: you won't be seeing any pop-up casino ads here. We will not accept advertising that isn't applicable to your needs.

Next month will mark our first anniversary at BookThink, and we're going to celebrate it with the launch of our new book links page. Over the past year, we've been collecting the best book-related links we could find. The result will be a resource unlike any available anywhere in both breadth and depth. Make it your home page, and this could be a great launching pad for a day's work.

The clock is ticking. Only 5 days left to subscribe to the new BookThink's Gold Edition at the special charter rate of $10 annually. Subscriptions will increase to $20 annually on August 1. If you’re mailing payment and it doesn’t get here before the deadline, no big deal. As long as it’s close, we’ll honor the discount. Thanks again to all who have subscribed and donated to the website.

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